Why Equity Now?

Here at Equity Now we are a group of experienced Mortgage Agents passionate about the financial empowerment of our clients working to provide solution based lending all backed by our commitment for top rated customer service.

Mortgage Options

Excellent Customer Service Back by Excellent Rates.

Home Equity Take Out

Many client utilize the equity within their hone through the use of various mortgage programs but by far the most popular is a Home Equity Line of Credit or HELOC’s as they are often referred to as.

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Debt Consolidation

Contrary to what people believe you don’t have to be behind on your bills to consolidate your debt. Many families see the benefits of a Debt Consolidation when their current unsecured debt is costing them...

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Bad Credit Mortgage

Like most Canadians you probably missed a few payments? The month-to-month cost of all these debts can make it very difficult to get ahead. The Equity in your home to consolidate

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Mortgages Services

100% Canadian. Top 75 Broker in Canada. Approved in 10 Minutes. Funds in 2 Business Days.

Mortgage Renewal

When your mortgage term is up you will want to contact the Team at Equity Now before going through the renewal process.

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Mortgage Refinance

Refinancing can be a great solution if you are looking to access some of your homes equity in order to payout higher interest rate products..

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Second Mortgage

Second mortgages are another mortgage added to your home because sometimes we just need the extra funds. Our Second mortgage program allows...

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A growing number of Canadians are choosing to work for themselves including us, so we understand the challenges that you face with getting approved.

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New To Canada Mortgage

Starting your new life in Canada is beyond exciting and with most families the first thing you think of is settling your family in a place you can call home.

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Commercial Mortgage

We are committed to help you build a lasting business and know the need for a commercial mortgage may be a vital part in your business’ success.

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Mortgage Rates

First Mortgage Rates as Low as 2.25% / Second Mortgage Rates as Low as 6.99%

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  • Nicolle is an amazing and caring person. She was really there for me during the purchase of my first home, and even afterwards. I really believe she is rooting for me to be wealthy and will be there to help me along the way. I highly recommend anyone who believes they cannot own their own home for any reason at all to have a consultation with Nicolle. As a single woman, she empowered me and helped me achieve my dream goal, even when the big banks said it was not possible.
    — Sheree M
  • The most sufficient and re-liable. I find what ever questions I have or any help I need you guys are always there to help to your fullest and best of your ability.
    — Corey J
  • I’ve had an amazing experience with Nicolle as my broker. She really spent the time to go through my different options and kept me encouraged at times when I felt defeated. She invested in educating me, so that I could understand the entire process. I could reach out to her anytime with questions, even outside of business hours; and no question was ever a dumb question to her. I would recommend Nicolle to everybody!
    — Alison A
  • Very glad we chose Nik. Very professional and was very honest and with us. We didn’t feel like just another client. Absolutely no regrets at all.
    — Damion R

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